Wedding trip to Mexico becomes nightmare for Shreveport couple

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A tropical wedding in Mexico became a nightmare for one Shreveport family.

Of all the places around the globe to go, the Green family picked Mexico for their nuptials.

"This was going to be a great time, that's what we thought," said Cay Green, the bride's mother. She helped plan the trip San Jose, about 20 miles outside the Cabo San Lucas area.

But she said as soon as the trip began, there was trouble.

"We had trouble all week. Every time you would go somewhere in a taxi, they said you were gypping them," she said.

A hassle turned into nightmare when they tried to leave in the airport shuttle.

"When we pulled out of the parking lot, it was blocked by a local taxi," Green said. "We were informed the bus would not leave."

Green said there was a lot of shouting, yelling and pleading. "We called the U.S. Embassy. They said there was nothing they could do. Two-and-a-half hours we were detained."

Green thought because her family went through a travel agency, everything would be alright.

"We did just hear about the wedding incident in Cabo and we are following up on it," said Julie Raines with Creative Travel. "It brings to mind no matter where you go you need to be careful."

Raines said she is always scheduling trips to Mexico and around the world, and people need to beware.

"When you have tourism and people flowing in, everybody wants a piece of the pie."

"People go down there, (and) this is something you are not expecting," Green said. "You know not to eat the fruit, not to drink the water."

The Greens were eventually allowed back onto the shuttle and taken to the airport.

Creative Travel is investigating the incident in Cabo San Lucas. Raines said they keep matters like this in mind before they recommend a destination.