Woman, infant found in back seat of car after police chase in E. TX

HARRISON COUNTY, TX (KSLA) - A police chase through parts of east Texas Monday hit speeds of 100 miles per hour, all while a woman and her baby rode in the back of the suspect's car.

Police began chasing the car burglary suspects Monday morning on Highway 59 just north of Carthage. The chase went through Marshall before ending in Longview.

Police arrested Calvet Median and Ivan Venegas on a number of charges. They were taken to the Harrison County Jail.

One of the items police discovered inside the suspect's car was a shotgun reportedly stolen from an unmarked police car.

"All the subjects had extensive criminal history but they didn't have any regard for this infant child or even the child's mother in the back." said David Jeter with the Panola County Sheriff's Office. "Their only goal was to escape the law and here in our county if you run from the police all you're going to do is get tired, because we're going to catch you."

Authorities say the mother has not been charged with anything. The child is in her custody and Child Protection Services is investigating.