Man On A Mission To Give Fallen Soldiers Ultimate Honor

By Jonathan McCall - bio | email

SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - "When a service member is killed, I would like their families to know that sacrifice means something to the community."

It's a towering symbol of pride, patriotism, and the ultimate honor, the lowering of the American flag at half staff. And all over the Shreveport-Bossier area, the order was given in remembrance of the 6 crew members aboard the B-52 that crashed off the coast of Guam.

"I got to thinking about it yesterday, and went home and wrote this letter to the Governor."  Former Marine Tom Adair says that ultimate honor should be given to those who make the ultimate sacrifice for the country."When one of them is killed in the line of duty for a specific period of time, the flags are lowered in their home areas."

And Adair is taking his cause all the way to Baton Rouge, even writing this letter to Governor Jindal asking for him to sign an executive order, which would allow flags to be flown at half staff in the hometown of a service member killed."I hope this leads the state of Louisiana on the forefront, and asking the president to do this nationwide."

Adair says something this simple can show not only the family, but the community as a whole the pride, patriotism and honor of a fallen somebody who gave their all."I think if we're going to do it for civilians, that in a local area that a community can honor their service members when they give their life for their country."