Police name suspects in Saturday's homicide

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Police have identified the two men accused of gunning down another man on Saturday in Shreveport's MLK neighborhood.
Officers say witnesses put two men at the scene of the crime.  Police have obtained arrest warrants for 36-year-old Demarcus Jones and 35-year-old Demond Carey -- both from the MLK neighborhood.
Authorities say the two men shot 47-year-old Lonzell Armstrong.
They say it all stemmed from a game of dice near a convienence store on David Raines Road.
Witnesses say one second the men were shooting dice and moments later shooting bullets -- some of which went through windows of that convienence store.
Police say Demarcus Jones and Demond Carey are armed and extremely dangerous.
They are urging the public to help find the two men who they say have extensive criminal histories.
"We can't do it without the public.  The public is the one we work for, our eyes -- we have 500 officers, but you all live out there on the street.  You all live with the people in the neighborhood so any information you all can give us will help us," said Shreveport Police Sgt. Kevin Goodwin.
Shreveport Police say if you have any information involving the murder of Lonzell Armstrong, call Crimestoppers at (318) 673-7373.