Homicide in Shreveport's MLK neighborhood

By Ben Wolf - email | bio

CITY, STATE (KSLA) - The search is on for a killer.  It all stems from an exchange of gunfire between two men Saturday afternoon.  Police say it happened in Shreveport's MLK neighborhood with one man suffering several bullet shot wounds to the chest.

Police say 47-year-old Lonzell Armstrong suffered gunshot wounds during a gun battle in a convenience store parking lot near the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and David Raines Road.  It was a battle cashier Johnson Wong says forced him to dodge bullets.

"The glass shattered and hit my face; well I felt the glass particles hit my face and then there were probably four or five more shots after that," said Wong.

"I just ducked for cover.  I just ducked for cover and kept my head down," added Wong.

Officers say Armstrong's killer hit him several times in the chest -- something people in the neighborhood just can't understand.

"I've never known him to have any beef with anybody.  He doesn't bother anybody," said a neighbor known as "K.D."

Police tell KSLA news 12 after the gunman shot Armstrong, the wounded man drove to a home near the corner of Nena and Wool where he later died.

"It was getting better.  Something like this takes it right back to square one," said "K.D." referring to violence in the MLK neighborhood.

As police continue searching for the man they say shot and killed Lonzell Armstrong, Johnson Wong's perspective on life has changed since looking through bullet holes near his cash register.

"I guess I'd like to thank God that I'm still alive.  And I feel sorry for the families," said Wong.

A man almost caught in the crossfire, apologetic for something beyond his control.