Ark-La-Tex humane society being evicted from current location

By Jonathan McCall - bio | email

PANOLA COUNTY, TX (KSLA) - An Ark-La-Tex humane society has 10 days to get out of their building, putting the lives of the animals at the no-kill shelter in danger.

The Panola County Humane Society says the issue started with a personal vendetta, which may end in hurting those who cannot defend themselves.

"We've worked very hard here for the past two years," said Debbie Davis with the Panola County Humane Society.  Davis and her volunteers work long hours taking care of the animals at this no-kill shelter. But she says the owner of the building, Frank Redford, wants to throw her and the volunteers from the building they've been in for more than 2 years.

"We don't want to stay here to just clean. We do everything here. We're much more than just cleaning," Davis said.

Davis said Redford has an axe to grind with her, and Thursday Davis says Redford gave the Humane Society 10 days to pack up and leave.

It's about 100 degrees inside of the kennel, and that's with fans and a cooling unit at full blast. Workers here fear that it could get even worse if the owner decides to take the cooling units, which could possibly kill the animals.

"He also said that when he takes some of these cages down, he's going to turn some of the animals loose, and hopes they eat each other or kill each other," Davis said.

Workers say they are prepared for a fight if Redford does take the coolers and does evict them.

"If he does that we will go and file charges on him with whoever we can," Davis said.

Frank Redford was contacted about the matter, but he declined to comment on the story.

The SPCA in Dallas will help the Humane Society for the time being. They also say many of the animals there are already spayed and neutered.

The animals are also looking for a good home. If you're interested you can contact the Panola County Humane Society at 903-693-2738.