Bald Eagle rehabilitated at Cypress Lake

By Fred Childers - email | bio

BENTON, LA (KSLA) - Amateur video taken Wednesday documents a momentous occasion at the cypress black bayou park in Benton. "That's a very rare moment," noted Melissa Whittington, the Education Director of the Cypress Nature Study Center. This baby bald eagle takes flight, after a couple of months of rehabilitation. In May it was discovered out of it's nest by some park goers.  "We immediately knew we had something exciting going on," said Whittington.
   The eagle was in good hands, but if it was going to soar like these bald eagles, it would have to learn. "They require a flight pen the length of two football fields... they are enormous birds, and as they're growing, they need a little more space," says Whittington. So this moment came after several weeks of learning to do, what park officials hoped it would do, fly. "He took one hop out of the cage, and spread those wings about five feet across, and took off across the lake, it was a beautiful site," says Whittington.
    Park rangers see the eagles more often than anyone because they patrol the lake, but they are actually a very little known secret on Cypress Lake. "I just hope there's not a whole lot of people who know about them that would disturb them, so they leave this area, because they've been here so long, but it's nice to let people know we do have them out here," said Park Ranger, Dan Wolf.  Seeing America's might in the Ark-La-Tex skies is not uncommon, even over Cypress Lake. However seeing the symbol of America itself is rare. "First time we've ever had a rehab on a bald eagle", said Whittington.     And maybe little more inspiring for those at Cypress Park, knowing they helped ensure that the bald eagle continues to soar here for years to come.