Update: New details surrounding the arrest of attorney Daryl Gold

By Tania Francois - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Daryl Gold, 64, was taken into custody right after a hearing on another case he was working in Red River Parish. Detectives with the White Collar Crime Task Force says he used the internet to get credit cards in his wife's name and then used the cards for his professional and private business.

A thick notebook is the paper trail that is their case against Gold. Inside, credit card applications, statements, receipts all of it evidence against the high profile defense attorney.

The case began when Gold's ex-wife Deborah Logan-Gold who still uses her married last name noticed something was up with her credit. Detective Bobby Herring says, "the victim came in and told us she had been receiving credit card applications in her name that she didn't authorize that was linked to Daryl Gold."

Officers say Gold used the internet to apply for the cards, two of them from American Express with a limit of $71,000. They say Gold also went online to Capital One trying to open up a line of credit for $5,000 but was denied. The cards were in the name of "Gold and Associates". Detectives say the bills were sent to his office and he only made the minimum monthly payments.

Herring said, "We didn't talk to Mr. Gold, he is an attorney. At this time he has decided not to speak although he said he may come in and do an interview with us at a later time."

But off camera Gold did speak to KSLA News 12 saying, "It's bulls*** from an ex-wife with mental problems who collects disability for her mental illness."

FROM Wednesday, July 16
CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Shreveport Attorney Daryl Gold is out of jail on a $10,000 bond after his arrest Wednesday night on fraud charges.

Gold was arrested by the Caddo-Shreveport Financial Crimes Task Force for identity theft. Gold is accused of obtaining credit using his ex-wife's personal information.

The investigation, which began in April, found Gold tried to get $5,000 in credit through a bank and even had a credit at American Express for $71,000.

"It's a long investigation to do, especially when you have to be extremely careful," said Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator. "You have to subpoena bank records and phone records and go through all sorts of hoops, jump through them to make sure you have a good case, and in this case, we've got a very good case."

Gold was arrested while on a case in Red River Parish.

Prator says the Caddo District Attorney's office has removed itself from the case and the Attorney General's office will be handling the investigation.