Investigator tries to solve 22 year old cold murder case

By Fred Childers - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -     Retired investigator Teddy De Lacerdo wants to know the identity of a man found murdered 22 years ago near Many, Louisiana.  "Most of what I've had to work from are what we call newspaper articles and that's where I've started from, and it's really all I have," says De Cerdo, a thirty three year veteran investigator, who was not at the original crime scene. "Actually I had just started working at the DA'S Office," says De Lacerdo.
    April 18th, 1986 the owner of some property discovered the remains in a  well just off of Recknor Rd, from there they went to the coroners office in Bossier City, where they remained until 2006. "It was revealed there were some skeletal remains in his lockers up there, they were turned over to the coroners office who in turn got in touch with me," says De Lacerdo.
    The coroner's office said the man was killed from a blow to the head, and that he was stabbed in the back. "What we have in the forensic have in LSU, we have a skull, a jaw bone, and a hip bone," says De Lacerdo. The newspaper clippings De Lacerdo reads for the case have produced an intriguing lead. "His hip bone showed an old wound, a shotgun wound," says a Sabine newspaper published an article around the same time the body was found about a man who visited the hospital, with lots of cash, and he had a limp. "It said he had a daughter that lived in Dallas, and a wife that lived in Lake Charles, if we could find the daughter, there's the DNA," says De LaCerdo. He has since retired, but won't stop looking for the identity of this man, a man whose resting place, for six month to a year was a watery tomb. "Now he's in a box with a number on it," says De Lacerdo. At the very least, De Lacerdo wants a name of the victim, and hopes for the name of his murderer.