Watch out for Internet sites promising cheap gas

HOUSTON (KHOU) -  We first told you last week about a website accused of ripping off customers searching for cheap gas.

The website is Now drivers have uncovered more web sites that offer pre-paid gas cards with a locked-in rate. With the high prices, the cards look tempting, but the deals are not always what you think.

"Somebody's always trying to make a quick buck," said Michael Bartek. He learned the hard way about gas scams. He was a victim.

"I mean, it was like 20 bucks, but still it was 20 bucks I could have had in the long run," said Bartek.

Sites such as and both promise to get you into America's gasoline relief program, where you're promised gas at $2.49 a gallon.  The only problem is they don't come through with their offer.  Even the Better Business Bureau never got what was promised.

"This site basically continually leads you on through advertisements. In fact, when I surfed the site and entered all my information, I never got to the point where I received my gas card," said Monica Teachout with the Better Business Bureau.

The site tells the visitor to complete the product surveys and you'll get discounted gas.  However, what you'll really get are over a dozen surveys and advertisements in your junk mail box.

Another site,, offers a prepaid gas credit card that promises tomorrow's gas at today's prices, but don't be fooled. According to the Better Business Bureau, received an "F" rating.  And they aren't the only ones with bad reviews. and are part of a company that's gotten 42 complaints in the last 3 years.

"For every one complaint we receive, there's 20 others that were never reported," said Teachout.

The Better Business Bureau is concerned. offered a credit card but doesn't have a bank in place yet to process the cards.