Shreveport Police arrest man after car, then foot chase

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A traffic stop became a foot chase for Shreveport Police late Thursday morning.

Just after 11:30 am, officers say the driver of a red car was speeding down Canal Street, but when they tried to pull him over, he wouldn't stop.

After a brief chase that ended in the 2700 block of Marquette Street, the driver of the car bailed out and ran to a nearby home. K-9 units were called in and tracked him down.

"He said he had just gotten off work and he was scared, is what he said," remarked one Shreveport officer involved in the chase." He and I had a good conversation, an understanding, after that in the back of the car after he was in custody. He just said he was scared."

The man was arrested and charged with speeding, resisting arrest, and possession of marijuana.