DSS says Summer Grove has forgotten a child before

Patrick Shaub, Addison's Father
Patrick Shaub, Addison's Father
Regal 14 Cinemas at the Louisiana Boardwalk
Regal 14 Cinemas at the Louisiana Boardwalk
Summer Grove Baptist Church Early Childhood Education Center
Summer Grove Baptist Church Early Childhood Education Center

By Tania Francois - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - An official with the Louisiana Department of Social Services (DSS) says back in April of 2006 a two-year-old was left at a park before by the same child care company that forgot a child at a movie theater on Wednesday. This is contrary to what officials with the Summer Grove Early Childhood Education Center told KSLA News 12's Tania Francois on Wednesday.
Barbara Reynold's said in an interview "this is the first time this has happened here and um, mistakes happen." After calls and emails from viewers who said other wise we did some digging.
DSS spokeswoman Janice Lovett sent in an email, "An incident did occur on 04-03-06, when a two-year-old was left at Betty Virginia Park. The center reported this incident to DSS at that time."
In response to the DSS report, Kandy Barlow the Director of Day Care for Summer Grove Baptist Church said "we are devastated and so embarassed and that this situation has occured. We are reviewing all of our policies and procedures and we are currently retraining our staff in hopes of preventing future occurances like this. We are very apologetic, we're very sorry that this happened."
Barlow said they apology applies to both the child being left behind and the misinformation.

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - An ArkLaTex father is fuming mad after his three year old daughter is left at the movie theater by the day care center workers. It happened Wednesday morning around 11:30.

The child attended the Summer Grove Baptist Church Early Childhood Education Center.  A group of kids were on a field trip to the movie theater at the Louisiana Boardwalk when it happened.

Patrick Shaub says it's thanks to a family friend that his daughter Addison was found as soon as she was. "One of my sister's friends was off and had taken her daughter to the movie and thank God she was there and when she came around the corner she found Addison kind of walking frantically up and down the hallway of the movie theatre."

Barbara Reynolds is the pre-school minister for the Summer Grove Baptist Church day care. She says it was a mistake. "We will continue to follow the protocol by the state and unfortunately that was just an accident today that happened and we'll continue to address the situation and try to make it better."

Reynolds went on to say that it's protocol for them to do head counts and that head counts were done. They say it was after a round of head counts that they discovered the child was not with the group and came back to get her.

By then Shaub says his sister and his ex-wife, Addison's mother, were already at the Boardwalk.  He says this is a lesson for all parents of small children. "Just because what you see on the internet and the reputation of these day cares are that don't necessarily mean that something can't happen."

He says Addison has been removed from the center and the woman who was in charge of the head counts has been fired. The Summer Grove official said she could not comment on personnel issues.

They say this is the first time anything like this has ever happened.