Texarkana reopens 35-year-old murder case after Howard County murder arrests

David Camp
David Camp
JoAnn Hicks
JoAnn Hicks
Robin Camp's family waits at the Howard County courthouse during Camp's and Hick's court appearance.
Robin Camp's family waits at the Howard County courthouse during Camp's and Hick's court appearance.

TEXARKANA, TX (KSLA) - Police in Texarkana, Texas have reopened a 35-year-old murder case based on information obtained during the murder investigation of a Nashville, Arkansas store clerk.

Police say 74-year-old JoAnn Hicks and her brother, 63-year-old David Camp, are now persons of interest in the October 1973 murder of Herbert Ray Hicks, JoAnn's husband. Police say Herbert Hicks was returning home from work late when he was shot on the front porch of his Robin Road home.

JoAnn Hicks and Camp were arrested this week on charges they helped with the planning and murder of Camp's estranged wife, Robin, back in May. Another suspect, Harry Surber, was arrested earlier for Robin Camp's murder.

Howard County Deputy Prosecutor Bryan Chesshir said weapons found during the investigation of Robin Camp's murder could provide new leads to the 1973 case. Chesshir also said Surber has made statements that imply David Camp was involved in the 1973 murder.

From July 9
HOWARD COUNTY, AR (KSLA) - Howard County authorities offered a possible motive behind the Memorial Day murder of a Nashville store clerk.

Police arrested Harry Serber shortly after the death of Robin Camp. Tuesday, Robin's husband David Camp and his sister, JoAnn Hicks, were also arrested. Prosecutors working the case say Serber, who reportedly dated Hicks, agreed to kill Robin for $5,000 and a car.

"Motive appears to be that Mr. Camp was estranged from his wife. His wife Robin had left him approximately two to three weeks prior to the date of the murder, and that is believed to be our motive at this time," Said Prosecutor Bryan Chesshir.

Camp's family members were at the courthouse Tuesday today and said they weren't surprised at who was involved.

"Not at all. I've been expecting it," said Margo Sprayberry, Robin's cousin.

Robin's father, Tony Davis, said, "The pieces of the puzzle have fallen together and we are very happy. We've had some very good lawmen working on this and they've done a hell of a job.

Prosecutors say they have a solid case, sealed with the latest evidence of a recorded phone call made from jail between Serber and David Camp. "The final piece of evidence that allowed us to go ahead and make the arrest was a phone conversation that was recorded between the defendant Harry Serber and David Camp on Sunday, where we believe that Mr. Camp, at least implicated himself enough in this crime," Chesshir said.

Afterwards Dossie Davis, Robin's mother said, "And now it's come together and we feel like our baby will get justice."

Camp and Hicks will be back in court Wednesday for a formal arraignment on charges of accomplice to murder. Their bond has been set at $750,000 each.