Police want law that will help stop gas drive-off's

By Tania Francois - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Shreveport police say there's been 160 gas drive-off's so far this year. That's compared to 140 for all of last year.  The increase is being blamed on rising gas prices.
Most of the drive-offs are happening at Murphy's Oil Gas Stations mostly found at WalMart stores.  They have a policy where customers can pump first and then pay afterward for convenience.
It seems some customers are instead stealing the gas.
Shreveport police Chief Henry Whitehorn went before the city council asking for a resolution that'll  make customers have to pay first.
He says the way it is now, police officers who can be investigating more serious crimes instead have to investigate gas drive off's.  He says the policy is also increasing the city's crime rate.
The assistant manager of the Murphy Oil Gas station on Pines Road right off of I-20 says it's their policy to allow customers to pay first.
She went on to say though they are found at WalMart stores they simply lease the land and are in no way affiliated with the supermarket chain.