Gunfire erupts during argument, teen wounded

By Katrina Webber - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport teenager is nursing a gunshot wound in his arm after a late night shooting.

Police say the gunfire erupted around 11:45 p. m. Monday during an argument involving a group of teens in the 2700 block of Quinton Street.  However, at last check, it was unclear who was responsible for the shooting because at least three of the teens had guns, police said.

Officers found one boy at the scene, suffering from a gunshot wound in his forearm.  Upon further investigation, they say, they found out that the same teen had been injured in a confrontation earlier in the day.

"Someone supposedly had been hit in the head with a bat," said Det. Robert Gordon, "and it appears that it's gonna be the same victim that wound up getting shot."

The teenager was taken to a hospital for treatment. 

Police are continuing to investigate the incident.