Deputies arrest man for vehicular homicide, hit and run driving

By Ben Wolf - email | bio

CADDO PARISH, LOUISIANA (KSLA) - Caddo deputies have captured a driver accused of committing a fatal hit-and-run crash.  Investigators say that driver fled the scene of his car--- leaving his passenger dead inside.  It happened early Sunday morning in north Caddo parish.  The victim is listed as 29-yaer-old Anthony Smith of Shreveport.

Twenty year-old Adrian Davis sits behind bars facing charges of vehicular homicide and hit and run driving.  A topic neighbors in the North Pine Drive neighborhood weren't afraid to talk about.

"That boy was a fast driver," said neighbor Patrick Wiley.

Caddo deputies say Davis wrecked a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria on Pine Hill Road at 3:30 in the morning.  They tell KSLA News 12 the crash partially ejected and killed Smith.  Authorities say Davis took off after the wreck and later turned himself in on Grimmet Drive.

"He liked to spin his tires.  That's mostly what he liked to do," said Wiley.

Anthony Smith's family is so distraught over the incident, they declined to go on camera during their troubling time

A neighbor -- not willing to give his name -- says he knows Davis well and isn't rushing to judgment.

"I [am not] going by what the police said, if I didn't see it, I [am not] going to talk about it," said the man.

Wiley says Davis' life will never be the same.

"I guess you got to learn from your mistakes though," he said.

Alleged mistakes that are irreversible.

Davis also faces charges of driving under suspension and driving with switched tags.