Women Commiting Violent Crimes Becomes Disturbing Trend

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) Shreveport Police say Lavoni Bayone shot and killed her husband just this past tuesday. The same day Emma Taylor was said to have hit a woman with her car, and then beat her with a pipe. In May, Bossier Deputies say Sheila Mills tried to have her husband killed. And 21 year old Jannie Wilson is accused of shooting her boyfriend in the head as he slept back in March. Four women, with 4 different stories, but all one thing in common. They're part of a trend of more and more women committing violent crimes.

"It's a growing trend, one that is becoming more persistent."And the trend is not only disturbing here in the ark-la-tex, but nationwide. A 2005 report, showed violent crimes committed by women has quadrupled in the last 40 years. "When you get these kinds of non-traditional roles, everything starts to change."

Therapist Howie Brownell says there are a number of factors that could be triggers, such as the the changing social climate, that's put more women in power positions. Other factors include childhood and previous memories. And in a world of all news all the time,Brownell say even the media could trigger a thought. Women thinking about violence, could see news from another part of the country involving violence, and could get an idea. "I think it influences them. It makes something more likely and they will act on in a certain way."