Hit and run crash knocks down utility pole, closes intersection

By Katrina Webber - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The only lights at a busy Shreveport intersection are from the flashing signals on top of a police car.  A crash early Thursday morning has knocked out the traffic signals that should be directing the flow of traffic.

Shreveport police officers at the scene at Jordan and Creswell told KSLA News 12 a driver ran into a utility pole just before 4:00 a. m. and then ran away.

A check of information on the SUV left behind shows it belongs to a local car rental agency.  Police say the vehicle may be stolen, although the owner has not yet filed a report with the police department.

About 30 minutes after that crash, officers found a similar situation in the 6100 block of Horton Avenue.

They say a driver there also hit a utility pole, bringing down power lines.

In that case, however, the driver did not run away.  She was transported to a hospital, complaining about back and leg pain. 

Police also blocked off a section of that road-- the intersection of Horton and Americana--for a short time.