Nightclub conforms to city ordinance with cameras

By Fred Childers - email | bio

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -    Just last week Chris and his brother Jonathon Hemmingway appeared before city council complaining that they were beat up by security at Phoenix night club in the elevator on the 21st. City council members had already been working to improve security in all of downtown, one of the reasons security cameras are being installed in the Phoenix nightclub today (Wednesday). "We're putting in sixteen cameras at the present time, before it's over it will be 24," says Phoenix Undergound Nightclub. Huck says the cameras would have come in handy during the elevator ride with the two brothers. Because that's where they claimed to have been beaten unconscious. "If they put cameras there, they definitely need to be in the elevator, that's a scary place," said Chris Hemmingways at city council last week. Phoenix Underground night club management had already ordered 16 cameras, now one of those cameras will be placed here, in the elevator, and this is in direct response to what happened here on the weekend of the 21st. "It's a spot that very few people can see at one particular time, so you could get any story on what happened in there," says Huck. Huck says the Hemmingways were the aggressors, but with no video, there's no way to prove it.  When asked if Phoenix is safer because of the cameras, Huck replied "I think Phoenix has always been safe, I think the cameras will help me more than they will help anybody else," says Huck. Every square inch of the club will be covered by this weekend, before the city mandates it, but after an incident that could have used the scrutiny.