Casino robbed, employees bound with duct tape

By Fred Childers - email | bio

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) -  Early Tuesday morning a few employees inside the casino at the Relay station on Highway One were taken by surprise. "Three males came into the store with ski masks, armed with long guns which they think were ak 47's," says Captain Bobby Abraham with the Caddo Sheriff's Office. Lt. Fant with the  Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office says "There were two employees and a security guard, they were all bound" .
    The robbers were after cash, but not from the victims. "Took money from the cash register, also took money from an open safe, they also took another safe with them," says Abraham. The Caddo Sheriff's Office hopes surveillance video will help identify the men as they pulled off the heist inside, and as they left. "We're viewing the evidence right now to get a good description on how they left, check out their mode of transportation, what type of vehicle it was," says Fant. The car they were driving, a Bonneville, was found about a quarter of a mile north on Highway 1, but for investigators, that evidence is a dead end. "But it was reported stolen out of the city so that didn't help us any," says Abraham. Detectives haven't linked this violent take down type robbery with any other robberies in the parish or the city. But the violence involved in this robbery makes them eager to find these men. Abraham says "You take into consideration the type of weapon they were carrying, according to witnesses and the ski masks that time of morning, yes we consider them very armed, and dangerous at this point".