Stonewall family reaches out for help with daughter's terminal illness

By Liz Elan

STONEWALL, LA (KSLA) - It's hard to imagine that with just three year of life, the end is near for Keily Gamez.  Mother April Gamez says "the life expectancy isn't past the age of five or six."
About a year ago Keily was diagnosed with Metachromatic Leukodystrophy, M.L.D for short. It's a rare disease that attacks the brain. It affects one in every 40,000 children.
Keily's parents April and Thomas were blind sighted by the diagnoses, they say there were no warning signs. 
"She met all her milestones. She walked, talked, ate and everything. She was even advanced in a lot of things," said April.
Then, within weeks, the lights went out. "Everything, she lost everything," April said.
Within an instant it went from what April and Thomas thought was their normal, healthy baby girl, to the realization time is running out. 
"She can't walk, she's tube fed, she can't hold her head up," April said
Watching Keily slowly slipping away, they must also deal with the knowledge now that it could have been different. 
"If we would have known we were carriers, we could have had her tested,"she said.
Both parents must have the M.L.D gene to pass it on. Their other daughter Abby is also a carrier. Their son T.J is not.  
"They can slow it down to where she could be walking right now, if they would have caught it earlier," April said.
While it's too late for treatment, they will never embrace the inevitable. 
"I just can't say I see her life cut short, Thomas says. April says " I really don't believe we are going to lose Keily to this."
The thought that with just a few years together, they might soon part is painful.
Still they hold on for the hope other families might have more time.

If you would like to help Keily and research for MLD, you can call The Gamez family at (318) 230-5009.