Petition Filed to Recall Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Louisiana Secretary of State's Elections Division says it has received a recall petition for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.

The move comes amid Jindal's refusal to veto a pay raise for state legislators.

Forcing a recall election against Jindal will be a tough task.

It would require verifiable signatures from well over 900,000 registered Louisiana voters. 

"The voters of our state are angry that the legislature more than doubled their own pay and I agree with them," Governor Bobby Jindal said when asked for reaction to the petition.  "It was excessive and they should reverse it. I'm sure more voters will take extraordinary steps to show their anger over the pay raise before this is all said and done - that's how a democracy works," Jindal said.

The petition was filed by Ryan and Kourtney Fournier, residents of Jefferson parish, near New Orleans.

Earlier this week, others filed recall petitions against several state legislators.

They including Louisiana Speaker of the House Jim Tucker and three other Republican lawmakers.

All four of the targeted lawmakers were among those who voted in favor of the legislative pay raises.

The other legislators include State Representative Franklin Foil of Baton Rouge, Steve Pugh of Ponchatoula, and Joseph Lopinto of Metairie.

Filing a recall petition is one of the first steps necessary in notifying the Louisiana Secretary of State that a person or group intends to seek the number of signatures from voters that is required to force a recall election, said Secretary of State spokesman Jacques Berry.

A minimum of one-third of voters in each district must sign the petition, and those signatures must be verified, before a recall election can be called.

In the case of Tucker, of Terrytown, about 8,000 signatures would be required.

Both Foil and Pugh would require about 10,000 signatures.

Lopinto's district would require about 7,800 signatures.