Warrant round- up date approaches, thousands sought.

By Fred Childers - email | bio

CITY, STATE (KSLA) -   The Shreveport Police Department is gearing up for a massive round up. "We have 2,137  misdemeanor warrants, and just over 300 felony warrants," says Johnny Coffey with the Shreveport Police Department's Warrants Division.  And the dragnet is big enough to cover everything from the slightest of infractions, to the most serious. "Some of these are domestic, a lot of these are simple battery, simple property damage, and in some  cases some people may not even know they have warrants," says Coffey. It even covers those tickets that slipped your mind. Coffey tells News 12 that the tickets will be handled through the city marshals office, and SPD will be working in conjunction with the city marshals. With thousands of warrants to clear, SPD and the city marshals will pull every available resource to scour the streets on the day, yet to be determined. "We'll use officers in between calls, we'll use officers after hours, before hours," says Coffey.
     And those officers won't be shy about going to place of employment. "Your boss, most likely is not going to be impressed with police having to come arrest you on your job," warns Coffey.
     So police say even if you think you have a warrant, you might want to ask, before July 3rd "And we'll get you booked in or summonsed as quickly as possible," promises Coffey. It might not be service with a smile, but it could keep you on good terms with your boss and your name out of the Iinquisitor.