Shreveport Police Union releases Youtube Video

By Fred Childers - email | bio

CITY, STATE (KSLA) -  "But but with Shreveport politicians short changing our police, will there be enough officers to patrol our streets," that question can be heard on a video called "Priority One" and it was placed on Youtube today (Wednesday) by the Shreveport Police Union to spread the word about how many officers are leaving SPD. "We are constantly getting lower and lower manpower, the department is actively recruiting but right now the recruiting can't possibly keep up with the retention problem," says Union President, Michael Carter. He also points to morale and pay as the main reasons for losing so many officers, many of them veteran, and so does city council member, Bryan Wooley. "Right now a new recruit comes on, he or she is at 33 thousand, I'd like to see us hit the 40 plus mark," says Wooley. He also  says other city council members want the same. "I think we can do it, I think it's obtainable, and I think it's something that must be done. 
  In February the council approved a pay raise for April, but for Carter and some council members, it's still not enough to keep officers in Shreveport. "Wwe've lost academic instructors, we've lost detectives, we've lost a lot of really high quality people in the last several months," says Carter. With Wooley and reportedly other council members in favor of a pay raise for officers,  the question now becomes: Who are those politicians the commercial calls out?