Texans want law allowing them to carry unconcealed weapons

FORT WORTH, TX (KSLA) - Some Texans are pushing for the right to bear arms in public.

Thousands have signed an online petition asking lawmakers to permit Texans to wear handguns without concealing them.  The 'open-carry' petition requests that people who legally buy handguns also be allowed to carry them openly, except in places prohibited by law.

Not all Texans are excited about the effort.

"I would not endorse it, an open hand gun law, where anyone can just walk around with a gun. I just, no. I would be totally against that," said Velenda Dewberry.

However Duane Suddeth, a supporter of the proposal, said, "That's nothing to be afraid of. It's the person that's using it to violate somebody else's rights. That's what you have to worry about. Walking down the street carrying a gun, they're just protecting themselves."

Texas is just one of six states in which handguns cannot be worn in plain view.