Alleged beating victims plead their case to city council

SHREVEOPRT, LA - KSLA-  Shreveport city leaders continue to grapple with the controversy of how to provide better security for the downtown area, specifically in and around nightclubs. City council members were reminded of the violence as they were visited by two alleged beating victims. Bruised and battered, Chris and his brother Jonathon Hemmingway told city council members they had been attacked by security and the general manager at Phoenix Underground Nightclub. "I just remember being beaten in the face over and over again," says Jonathan.      Chris Hemmingway announced to counselors, who were listening intently, that he and his brother were put in the elevator and beaten for seven minutes. The general manager of Phoenix, Timothy Huck denies the claim, he tells News 12 "They were not struck one time in the elevator."  And he says the Hemmingways were the aggressors.  "It was horrific," said Jonathan. SPD is looking into the allegations, but have no video of the incident.  "If they put cameras in there, they definitely need to be in the elevator, that's a scary place," adds Chris.    The controversy comes at a time when downtown nightclubs are getting a hard look by city leaders, specifically, City Councilwoman, Joyce Bowman, who mentioned the 56 point plan to address security that was  drafted by Police Chief, Henry Whitehorn, and has been tweaked by city council and has even had input from nightclub owners. The plan that Huck himself had contributed to, and he says of this latest incident "It couldn't be worse timing, the last thing we want is a confrontation."