Shreveport Police find stolen car in neighborhood pond

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) -  Shreveport police are looking for the thief that stole a car which ended up in a neighborhood pond.

Police got the call about the car just after 6:00 am Monday morning. The submerged car was in a pond in Shreveport's Cherokee Park neighborhood.

The fire department's Dive Team was called in to check the car out. "We activated our dive team, went down, put a diver in the water, checked it out, didn't find any bodies in the passenger compartment, then stayed around to assist the wrecker to help him get it out. We checked the trunk, apparently, there's no one in the vehicle," said SFD Captain Rex Shamburger.

Police say the car was reported stolen from the Grimmitt Drive Apartments about midnight Monday morning.