Family Looking For Answers After Woman Dies In Texas Jail

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA-TV) " I know when Adrienne is sick, she's going to let you know, if she needs medicine, she'll let you know. " And it's the medicine Gene Kent says his ex-wife Adrienne Lemons didn't get, that lead to her death on June 13. "I heard that she told the jail staff that she had an infection and that she needed her antibiotics."

Lemons had been serving time in Tarrant County, Texas for unpaid parking tickets since June 3rd. And for 10 straight days, lemons sat writhing in pain, and was dying behind bars with a staph infection an infection so bad that. "She claimed that she would rather cut her wrists than deal with the pain." The same day she would have been released from jail, she was dead.

Doctors say the lack of treatment caused the infection to simply take over her body. "You can't look at somebody 4 hours away from death, and not know something is wrong." Officials with the Tarrant County Sheriffs office say they're taking the blame for something they're not responsible for. "It makes us feel bad that the jailer didn't dispense medication but jailers never dispense any medication what-so-ever."

"She loved her little boy so much, and that was her pride and joy." Kent says his ex-wife adored their 3 year old son Chase, and called him all the time. And now Gene Kent is looking for answers to not only what happened, but how to tell Chase about the missing phone calls from his mom. "I just want answers. I want somebody to be accountable to the fact that my boy will never know his mama."