High diesel prices affecting area businesses

By Tania Francois - email | bio

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Construction workers say the rising cost of fuel is putting a strain on business.

Eddie Walls with JPD Construction out of Bossier City says, "Sometimes we bid a job and it may be 90 to a 150 days before the job physically starts when you've got diesel fuel that goes up like it has the last 90 days you just about losing money when you get started."

Walls says high fuel prices is causing the cost of some of their supplies to go up as well. "This bedding rock that we use that goes in the sewer has sky rocketed. The asphalt that we'll be putting down on this street has sky rocketed, it's all tied to fuel."

Farmers are also feeling the pinch of growing diesel prices, only they say when it comes to cut backs they're extremely limited. Bruce Lynn is a corn farmer in Caddo Parish.  "Diesel prices have gone out the roof" he says. "You can look at the size of these tractors that are necessary nowadays to stay in business. They use a lot of fuel."

Both workers say the rollover effect high gas prices are having on other supplies they need is causing an even bigger problem.  Lynn says, "In agriculture we can only cut back so much we still have a certain amount of tillage that we have to do we have spraying that we have to do and of course harvest."