Caddo Parish making adjustments to offset high fuel costs

By Liz Elan - email

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Law enforcement agencies both here and nationwide are taking a hit from gas prices. One southern city is even charging extra on speeding tickets to make up the difference. The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office hasn't gone that far, but it is making adjustments.

Patrolling the streets and keeping the residents of Caddo Parish safe comes at a cost. "We are serving the public, it takes a lot of fuel," said Mike Gregory, the Fleet Manager for the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office.

Gregory says a spike in gas prices is pinching the department. "I think last month we drove 450,000 miles in the month of May."

To offset the money guzzled up by gas, the sheriff's office has cut training at its facility in south Caddo Parish to four days a week instead of five. "We are trying to reduce the amount of trips down there because it is a long way," Gregory says.

Holly Springs, Georgia, just outside Atlanta, goes as far as adding a fuel surcharge, or $10 to $15 dollars, on speeding tickets. Even the Atlanta City Council is in support of the charge.

Gregory says they have not considered that in the parish, nor will they cut back on any patrol units. "We are doing all the services that need to be done in the parish."