Man who told KSLA News 12 he's innocent surrenders to police

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A man who came to KSLA News 12 saying he was not the man police wanted for simple burglary finally turned himself in to authorities.

You may remember last week we brought you the story of Willie Jenkins, who said he is not the man police say stole the cigarettes out of a Circle K on Shreveport-Barksdale Highway.

Police have a surveillance picture of the suspect.

Jenkins says he went back to the Circle K and took pictures of himself walking out of the store as evidence that the surveillance picture is not him.

He even donned a blue plaid shirt and cap for the picture.

"Giving your freedom up for something you didn't do, that's hard. It's hard, I know. But I'm taking God in there with me like everybody's told me and with God I can't lose," Jenkins said.

His attorney, Steve Glassell said, "I've looked at the photographs that you were able to secure . I've looked at him it doesn't look like it's him. It looks like it's a man that's much shorter than him. And it really just doesn't look like him."

Jenkins' lawyer says if it's not him, it will take at least ten days to clear him. In the meantime, Jenkins is behind bars.