Are hybrids worth the extra cost?

By Liz Elan

SHREVEPOT, LA (KSLA)- With gas hitting four dollars a gallon, you're probably cursing that thirsty SUV in the driveway. But would purchasing a more fuel efficient car be worth it.
Jed Hodge of Yokem Toyota says a nice one will cost about $25,000.
Hybrids tend to be more expensive then gasoline-powered models. On average about five to seven thousand dollars more. So it might not be cost effective to buy one, even when taking into account the money you'll save on gas.
"It's just a math problem, you have to look at how many miles you travel in your car," said Toyota owner Ron Dunigan.
Deciding what's best for you comes down to a two step math equation.
First you take the number of miles you drive in your car each year and divide that by how many miles your car gets to the gallon.
That total is the number of gallons you will use in a year.
Then you multiply that total by the cost per gallon and that's how much you will spend on gas a year.
Do these two steps for both models you are comparing and you will find out how many years it will take for a hybrid to pay itself off.
"It will pay off, gas is not going to go down," said Hodge.
Odds are with the way things are going, it will pay off eventually. Just depends on your math and how long you are willing to wait.