Proposal to force nightclubs to hire certified security guards

SHREVEPORT, LA - KSLA City leaders want to make downtown Shreveport safer, specifically nightclubs, In response to reported beatings, and even an alleged rape inside Kokopellis. One of the proposals in Chief Henry Whitehorn's 56-point plan, requires nightclubs to hire certified security. "It's going to result in us cutting back on security," says Chicago nightclub owner, Charles Limbardino. "The expense of carrying licensed security hiring them through a security company instead of the security we hire would add so much expense, that I would carry just the number that the law required," says Phoenix GM, Timothy Huck. For downtown nightclub owners, and managers it comes down to something called cost prohibitive, even with the dance floors filled, it's still not enough to cover the cost of hiring certified security officers. "The income I bring in on Friday and Saturday would pay for the security, the income I bring in on Thursday would not pay for security, the problem is not as much me as other bars downtown Shreveport.  When asked if he could afford paying twice as much for security Limbardino replied "No, we can't do that". A problem met with indifferrence at the city council meeting two weeks ago. Chief Henry Whitehorn said he wasn't sure what the cost was, but that wasn't his concern.  However, it's now a problem that seems solvable in light of Monday's meeting. "They listened to it and understood the expense is going to hurt a lot of your smaller bars downtown," says Huck. City leaders want better security, and club owners want a compromise to a solution they consider worse than the problem.