Attorneys square off over Jerrod Johnson's link to quadruple murder

SHREVEPORT, LA  KSLA - When police found four people shot to death at the Pier Landing Apartments, they hoped to catch the murderer within the crucial 72 hours following. It's been five years and still nobody has been charged, however one man, Jerrod Johnson, faces more jail time for it. "Mr. Johnson is up for a sentencing hearing on three counts of armed robbery," says Assistant District Attorney, Dale Cox. During Johnson's sentencing on Tuesday, a forensic scientist testified that Johnson's DNA was found on a shell casing at the quadruple murder, and prosecutors want Judge Leon Emmanuel to consider that during Johnson's sentencing. "So as to enhance his sentence because we think it's an aggravating circumstance, adds Cox. Johnson's attorney, Peter Flowers tells Judge Emmanuel "it's mud on the wall". Johnson was found guilty of armed robbery, not murder. "They're trying to clear the case and claim that they got the bad guy without having to arrest the man or prove that he's guilty," says Flowers. "Well I understand Mr. Flowers position on that, I disagree with it, I think the law does allow you in a sentencing hearing to present evidence of crime that have not yet been proved at a trial," responds Cox.   The prosecution is also asking the judge to consider other alleged crimes. "One of the detectives testified today that there were a pattern of home invasion robberies, very assertive physically aggressive robberies that pattern matched the same pattern that was found in the Thrifty Liquor armed robbery," says Cox. The detective also testified that the home invasions stopped once johnson was arrested.