Suspected Shooter Marcus Coutee Caught After Five Months

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA)- "There have been a lot of sightings of him. People calling to say he may be here, he may be there"

In the back of a Shreveport Police car is where 27 year old Marcus Coutee found himself Friday afternoon, after those calls led police to surround a house, on the 4100 block of Lakeshore Drive.  "We found Coutee hiding in a bedroom in the back of the home." Coutee was wanted in connection with a shooting on Rightway Avenue back on January 8th of this year, that left both 18 year old Jeremy Foster, and 28 year old Davis Morris with non life threatening injuries. Police say Coutee shot at the men with an A-K 47 assault rifle. A woman at the house, did not want to talk to KSLA News 12 about Coutee's arrest.

"We believe that the shooting on Sunday is somehow related to the incident in January on Rightway avenue." Kacee Hargrave with the Shreveport Police says the shooting on Sunday at the intersection of Jewella and Midway that left Orlando "Sam" Foster body and car riddled with bullets, and the shooting of Jeremy Foster back in january, could all be related.  Hargrave says police are working on piecing the two together. "This is currently under investigation as to how it is all related, and what prompted the shooting."

Residents like Sam Davis, who lives just blocks away from where Coutee was taken in, is just breathing a sigh of relief knowing that a wanted man is off the streets. "If he was still on the loose, you never know where he might be. Down the street, or across the way."