Group hosts fundraiser to help advance Downs Syndrome research

Kayla Glascock reads to her son Carson, who has Downs Syndrome.
Kayla Glascock reads to her son Carson, who has Downs Syndrome.
Carson sits quietly in his chair.
Carson sits quietly in his chair.

By Liz Elan - email

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A national research organization is on the brink of a breakrough for people with Downs Syndrome, and your helping hand could open up a world of opportunity for the thousands of people living with this disorder.

Kayla Glascock of Bossier says her two-year-old son Carson is always smiling, laughing, and happy. "He is a fun loving little boy who who has a great time."

Carson also has Downs Syndrome."He can do whatever other kids do he just does it slower. It's typical to speak between three and four."

Today Kayla can't imagine a day without Carson, much different from the hours after his birth."I thought life was over. I didn't know anything about Downs Syndrome.

Then Kayla found hope within the Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Foundation, an organization dedicated to cognitive research and improving brain function, speech and memory.

"What that means for Carson is a totally independent life. What more could a parent want for their child," Kayla said.

She says the foundation has raised $3 million nationally. She and nine other families have gathered to raise even more so the research can continue."I believe this group is in the right place focusing on the right thing."

Kayla just wants for Carson what her two daughters have."I want him to be able to choose what he wants when he gets through with school. I want him to be able to have kids, get married if he wants to."

Kayla says Carson will be happy with whatever happens. It's the ability for Carson to choose that she believes is within reach.

On Saturday, June 6, Kayla and nine other families will host a Romp for Research. Everyone in the public is invited to attend. The fundraiser will be held at LSUS in front of the pool building from 9:30 am to 1pm. Kalya says it will be a day of fun, music, games and food.