Mom Of Demarcus Morris Speaks To KSLA News 12 About Son's Arrest

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA)- "They're wrong. All i can say is that they're wrong. "

Larshandra Davenport says her son Demarcus Morris is not the person that shot and critically wounded Orlando "Sam" Foster during an ambush Sunday at the corner of Jewella and Midway. "At the time of the shooting. My son was at home, somebody called me, and I told my son to come watch the news."Shreveport Police believe it was morris who fired the 16 rounds into Foster's car, but Davenport believes she knows why police suspect her son. 

"Him and Sam Foster had a bad thing going on in the beginning it was a misunderstanding."A misunderstanding Davenport says lasted for months, and even included Foster shooting her car, but she says after a while, the feud between her son and Foster ended. "Sam out of his own mouth told me that it was squashed and that it was over with."

Davenport believes Shreveport Police are using her son to try and get to the man she says who really knows about something about the shooting, Marcus Coutee, who is already wanted by Shreveport Police for another shooting. "They know that my son didn't do it. They know they use to kick it."

Davenport says her son is innocent, and now she's wants to know what Shreveport Police have, that connects her son to the shooting. "Don't take it out on my child. Don't have my child in jail for something he didn't do."