Chief Whitehorn talks about weekend shootings

Shreveport, LA (KSLA) -  There were three shootings in the streets of shreveport over the weekend.
One of them sent a man to LSU Hospital fighting for his life.
Police say a gunman put him there after firing 16 rounds from an assault rifle into his vehicle --striking him in the chest several times.
Friends identify the suspect as Sam Foster.
We know police are close to capturing their suspects.
In fact, this morning we got to a gas station where police say they were just a few minutes too late in finding a man they were looking for in connection with one of the three weekend shootings.
The corner of Midway and Jewella is where police say a gunman pumped round after round into another man's car in broad daylight.
Velma Wilson says she's friends with Sam Foster.
"All the violence, they need to stop the violence all this shooting and killing, it's just not worth it," she says.
The incident happened just after one o'clock Sunday afternoon
A little more than 24 hours later shreveport police are confident in their search for the shooter.
"We're still investigating it, we have some leads we're following up on.  We have some possible suspects we've been able to identify," says chief Henry Whitehorn
Chief Whitehorn says a successful investigation relies on holding back the suspects names for right now.
"It's unfortunate that you all listen to the scanners and you hear a lot of what we're trying to do but we don't want to jeopardize this investigation in anyway," he says.
Chief whitehorn says the early Saturday morning shooting on Hearne Ave. and a Sunday night shooting on Janey St. also factored into his staff meeting.
"That was one of the issues we addressed, summer's upon us school is out a lot of additional people that will be on the street during the summer months." he says.
The chief says he's putting as many officers as possible on the streets.
Chief Whitehorn says his deparment has already received good tips on the Crimestoppers hotline and encourages people to come forward if they have any information in any of the weekend shootings.
The Shreveport Crimestoppers hotline is (318) 673-7373.