Defense Puts on Case in Judge's Trial

The prosecution has rested it's case, today (Thursday) the defense teams for Judge Michael Walker and Vernon Claville began putting on their case. They began by asking Federal Judge, Maurice Hicks for an aquittal. That request was quickly denied. Walker and Claville are accused of taking bribes from A Instant Bail Bonding Company to lower bonds.

Defense attorney for Walker, Daryl Gold has some other Caddo Judges on his witness list. Judge Scott Crichton was called to the stand. Crichton has been a judge for eighteen years and is assigned to the civil division. Crichton was asked about the procedure of lowering bonds. He testified that it's not improper to be called by a lawyer to request a reduction for a bond. However during cross examination he also testified that if he's contacted by a bail bondsman he would decline to talk to him, and advise him to have a lawyer contact him about the bond. He also testified that he never met anyone at a casino or at his home to discuss a bond reduction, and that he never accepted money to lower a bond. The U.S. Attorney's Office accuses Judge Walker of doing all of those things.