Family of murder victim speaks out about guilty plea

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - The word emotional doesn't even describe the kind of day it's been for Teresa Cole's family who says they're still searching for closure.

"That pain is a pain I never wish on anybody because it's a pain I've felt too hard and too long now," says Teresa Cole's mother Mary Adkins.

Convicted killer Robert Cole will spend the rest of his life in prison with hard labor.

He has no possibility of parole.

Robin Horn -- the aunt of murder victim Teresa Cole -- watched him closely in a Bossier Parish court room.

"Cold hearted, cold hearted, he didn't look at anyone, not even his parents you know," she says.

Teresa's mother Mary Adkins is overcome by the pain of losing her daughter and unborn grandson.

"He killed his own son," she says.

It was a boy Teresa planned on naming Ty Alexander.

"And I can just imagine what he was going to look like," says Adkins.

Mary Adkins says when she looks next door to the vacant lot where her daughter once lived, she says she can almost see Teresa standing there on her porch.

"I've accidentally picked up and picked up my phone and dialed her number," says Adkins.

Teresa's family tells KSLA News 12 they feel for Robert Cole's parents.

They say the Coles are victims too.

The only difference is they are able to talk to their son.

Bossier deputies have also charged Robert Cole with murdering Christopher Michael Pierce back in May of 2003.

They say Cole believed his wife was having an affair with Pierce.

Authorities pulled Pierce's Jeep Comanche out of the Red River back in December of 2007.

They say he killed Pierce out of revenge and killed his wife to silence her.

Teresa's family says they won't have final closure until Christopher Michael Pierce gets justice.