City Kicks Off New Curbside Recycling Program "Just Curb It."

"Shreveport is now home to one of the most progressive curbside recycling programs in the country." The City of Shreveport is quickly becoming the next great "green" city of the south after Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover annoucnced the city's new recycling program. Glover encouraged all Shreveport residents to participate in the city's new curbside recycling program. "We need every shreveporter to commit themselves to start recycling."
The new recycling program is the second phase of the city's "Let's Go Green" campaign. The first part was cleaining up the streets during operation T-BONE  Starting June 2nd, every Shreveport residence will receive a new blue recycling cart for all of your recyclables.  "All you need to do is put all of your recyclables into the blue cart and just curb it."
All of your paper, plastic, glass bottles, metal cans, magazines, newspapers, cardboard can be placed into the 60 gallon containers, and you don't even have to sort it. That's because Atlanta based Pratt Industries is building a new recycling mill at the Port of Shreveport to sort the materials, making it easier for residents to just curb it.
Click here to learn more about the city's recycling program.