Key Witness in Judge's Trial Rushed to Hospital

During a federal trial that charges Caddo Parish District Judge Michael Walker and Caddo Juvenile Judge Vernon Claville of taking bribes from a bailbondsman, was interupted today when the star witness suddenly fell ill. Travis Mccullough, an A-1 Bail Bond employee, had been on the stand all morning and part of the afternoon answering questions about wiretapped phone calls. Mccullough appeared nervous and uncomforatable the entire time he was on the stand. He wiped sweat from his brow several times, and even removed his jacket at one point. Around 3:40 he began complaining of chest pains, the judge called a recess, and moments later an ambulance arrived at the federal courthouse. McCullough was taken away to a nearby hospital. No word on what the illness is at this time. Judge Walker could be seen out front, under the scales of justice praying, presumably for his longtime friend, Travis McCullough.

The U.S. Attorney's office sees McCullough as the deal maker and the lynch pin in the alleged bribery scheme. Wiretapped phone conversations between McCullough and the two judges were played before the jury by the prosecution. And many of those were followed by tapped phone conversations of Judge Walker, calling the Caddo Correctional Center to order bonds reduced, indicating a pattern. McCullough has testified that he made money by getting bonds reduced, and some of that money was given to Walker, and Claville.

The trial is expected to resume Tuesday, but it's not known if McCullough will be a part of it.