Hempstead County Reserve Deputy Arrested On Rape Charge

Jeffery Mayle (source Hempstead County S.O.)
Jeffery Mayle (source Hempstead County S.O.)

A Hempstead County reserve deputy was arrested on a charge of rape.
He's identified as 47-year-old Jeffery Mayle.
 A Hempstead County woman told investigators she and her boyfriend had a fight, and that she got out of his car and started walking home.
She says she was picked up by Deputy Mayle while walking along a stretch of Highway 355, near the Saratoga Schools.
She told investigators that Mayle took her to Millwood Lake and asked her to perform a sexual act. The woman says she refused, but later complied.
Mayle has been fired from his job.
We're told he'd been with the force since August of last year.