KSLA News 12 Aboard Search For Dead Body

Caddo and Bossier deputies haven't stopped searching since Saturday afternoon -- taking breaks only to eat.
They're looking in the Red River intensely atleast eight hours a day.
"A lot of this depends on their body mass, what they last ate, the last meal and all this stuff and if they've floated yet," says CPL. James Alexander with the Caddo Sheriff's Marine Division.
Deputies say on Saturday a tugboat crew tied a dead body they found to a booey near the Port of Shreveport-Bossier.
Deputies later identified the body as Marvin James Jr.
Corporal James Alexander has worked search and rescue for 18 years and says the tugboat crew did the right thing by not compromising possible evidence.
"We'll bag their hands and everything else in case there was some kind of fight or it could be DNA under the fingernails," he says.
Now, Alexander, Senior Deputy Madison Cox and two Bossier deputies are searching for the possible second body the tugboat crew says they spotted.
Deputies say the wind conditions and current have probably pushed the dead body over to the banks of the river.
Cox is in his second year in the Marine Division -- and he says he's gotten valuable 'on the job training.'
The deputies found beavers, snakes, and Cox even spotted a dead catfish surrounded by buzzards from a few hundred yards away.
He did it while the boat was moving 45 miles an hour to another location. 
"Whoever we're looking for, that's someone's sister, brother, mother, that's somebody's kinfolk," he says.
A good enough reason, they say, to give everything they have to find the woman.
Story By Ben Wolf