10 Finalist Named In Caddo Parish Superintendent Search

" We're very optimistic" After failing to find a superintendent during their last search, the school board now has 10 finalists to choose from to fill job that has sat vacant since August of last year.
Caddo Parish School Board member Ginger Armstrong says this search produced better candidates. "It's a very well qualified, diversified group." And one that stretches to all corners of the map. 4 candidates are from neighboring Texas. 1 from Michigan, 2 are from Florida, 1 from Massachussetts, and 1 Pennsylvania. 1 candidate is even from the Middle Eastern country of Quatar. Armstrong says the board knew going in, this would not be a local search. "Our local candidates have had opportunities to present themselves."
The last search ended in December when finalist Doctor Aquine Jackson took his name out of the running. The votes for Jackson were split down racial lines among board members.
"We have just about everything you can possibly name is a school system. We're definitely not a one size fits all. It's going to take a unique person to do that." Jackie Lansdale with the Caddo Federation of Teachers says whoever is selected from the 9 men and 2 women to be the next superintendent, they have to be ready to hit the ground running. "This is a district that's looking for somebody to be a unifier. And somebody that can inspire the district to move forward."