Day Care Isn't Just for Kids

We're a nation aging quickly, and the demands of taking care of our parents and elderly loved ones is a struggle. But doors are being opened to a new trend in care-giving, adult day care.

The doors open at Lourdes Hospital's 'Daybreak' at 7 a.m., where there's always something to do.

Mary Harper, Daybreak Guest, "We have crafts, and we have activities, every morning we do activities and exercise."

"I do different things, like take trash out and different stuff," says fellow Daybreak guest, Kelly Baldree.

Adult day health services manager Kay Williams says they try to make daybreak feel like home. Yet they're staffed with nurses and nurse's aides to provide individualized care.

"Some of our people come because they need the supervision. They need medication administration. Some people are very functional and they just come because they need the socialization during the day," says Kay Williams, manager of Adult Day Health services at Daybreak.


year old Mary Harper has been coming for six months, while she works to get back on her feet after a badly broken ankle. She says she likes the special attention, "When you need something here, all you got to do is ask somebody and they'll help you. In the hospital, you know, it, they got just so many to help."
The group has formed some unique bonds, says Kay. "That's one of the really positive things about adult day health services, is that ability of people to interact with their peers, and see people that are in the same situations that they are."
The price varies depending on the level of care needed, but Louisiana does allow for Medicaid waivers that will cover adult day care, and some private insurance companies will cover it under long-term care.
For general information on caregiver options:
Administration on Aging,; Eldercare Locator, (800) 677-1116
Family Caregiver Alliance, 690 Market Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94104,
National Adult Day Services Association, Inc., 8201 Greensboro Dr., Suite 300, McLean, VA 22102,
National Council on the Aging, 409 Third St., SW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20024,