Child Injured In Deadly House Fire Released From Hospital

Doctors have released 12-year-old Charvis Thompson from LSU Hospital.
His six-year-old brother Detravious is still in stable condition at Christus Schumpert.
Their siblings, two-year-old Kayla Thompson and seven-year-old O'mara, both died after a fire consumed the family's Youree Drive apartment early Sunday morning.
Fire fighters are still investigating the cause.
An account has been set up at Chase Bank for the Thompson family. If you would like to make a donation, it's called 'The Wendy Thompson Trust Fund.'

From May 19
"O'mara was a great little boy. He was funny. His smile was angelic," says his classroom mom Jennifer Tate.
Some smiles are worth a million bucks, some are beautiful.
O'mara Thompson's smile told a story.
"He'd get in trouble and you'd say O'mara -- and he would just smile at you. You didn't want to punish him cause he would just smile," says Tate.
An apartment fire ultimately took the seven-year-old kindergartner's life -- one day after it killed his two-year-old sister Kayla.
Now Wendy Thompson must confront losing two of her four children -- something that Jennifer Tate cannot fathom herself.
"My heart just goes out to her. I just couldn't imagine losing one let alone two children," she says.
Friends say O'mara's smile was simply infectious.
Just ask six-year-old classmate Audrey Tate.
"He liked to tell jokes to me," she says.
Parents say O'mara would have been part of a kindergarten celebration today at university elementary.
The students did celebrate, but not without their buddy in the back of their minds.
Story By Ben Wolf