Body Found In Nevada County May Be That Of Murder Suspect

Authorities think they know the identity of the body found in a shallow grave Monday in Nevada County.
Investigators think the remains are those of 38-year-old Jon Michael Fincher. He was the main suspect in the death of his mother, 58-year-old Donna Fincher, two years ago.
Nevada County Sheriff Bobby Carlton says Fincher death is a homicide. A gunshot wound was found in the top of Fincher's head.
Police say they think the remains are Fincher's because his wallet was found earlier on the same property as the body.
The remains have been sent to Little Rock for an autopsy and positive ID.

From May 19
Investigators are looking for clues after a makeshift, shallow grave was found Monday morning.
Loggers discovered a skull deep in the woods near the Hempstead/Nevada County line.
Only KSLA News 12 was at the scene as a crew worked to remove the rest of the remains. 
Authorites believe the body has been there for some time. At this point, they think it's a male, but they're not sure of his race or age.
There are missing person's reports in the Hempstead/Nevada County area that could match up with this body, but authorities say it's too early to tell.
However the Nevada County Sheriff says the death does not appear to be accidental.
"There appeared to be a gunshot wound into the top of the skull and we, of course, are sending all this to a crime lab to find and determine this," said Nevada County Sheriff Bobby Carlton. 
Police believe the body was dumped so far back in a remote area that whoever did it had to be familiar with the area.