Thieves Target ATM Machines at Shreveport Drug Stores

It looks like the second time proved to be the charm for a group of thieves who were set on stealing not only cash, but an entire ATM machine.
   Shreveport police officers who were called to Walgreens drug store at Pines Road and W. 70th Street around 3:15 a. m. Monday found a gaping hole where the front glass door used to be. The people who were responsible for the damage, and the ATM machine which stood near the front door, were all gone when officers arrived.
   An employee at a nearby business called 911 after hearing glass breaking. She told officers she saw five men--wearing white gloves and white ski masks--get out of a green minivan that had broken through the door, and go inside the business. The van sped off a few minutes later, she said.
  Police say it appears the crooks wrapped a chain around the cash machine and used the van to pull it out of the store.
  This happened about two hours after police responded to a similar situation at another Walgreens at Line Avenue and Kings Highway. However, in that case, they found the ATM lying in the street not far from the suspected would-be getaway car--a white minivan.
   Police say a group of men was seen scattering after the cash machine somehow fell out of their vehicle. They were able to run away.
   Officers are not sure if the two incidents are connected, but they do note the similarities.
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Story by Katrina Webber