Flooding Stirs up Pests

Vexcon Pest Control has been dealing with a variety of pests lately. "Everything goes up when the rains are heavy, we're getting bizarre calls on frogs, and turtles, tons of ant calls coming in," says Bill Bretherton. Bill Bretherton's visit to some land in Benton on Friday is for beavers. "What they're doing is they're blocking up these culverts here. it's started to swell the pond and back into his property," says Bretherton. A problem that can be fixed with a big metal trap and some beaver pheromones. Beavers can be a very big problem for landowners, and very destructive to the land, but the number one call to Vexcon lately has been for snakes. Heat and humidity are known to bring out snakes, but more than anything, it's been the recent flooding. "We've been getting inundated with calls to remove these snakes I've removed so many the last two weeks, I've actually got them in my dreams now, every stick on the ground starts squirming in my head," says Bretherton. In fact while shooting this story, one started squirming. "Now I'm going to get him while ya'll are looking at him," whispers Bretherton. As a water moccasin was hanging out on the other side of the blocked culvert. "These things have been coming up since it's been raining like crazy," Bretherton said as he lowered a handling device into the ditch. But this one appears to be camera shy, and avoids capture today. But Bill expects they'll meet again, along with beavers, mosquitos and many other creatures, stirred up by recent rains.